CCTV Sewer Scope Inspections

Howard Crick

Sewer Scope and Drain Lines

If you’re purchasing a home that is pre-80’s we recommend you have a sewer scope survey of the main drain out to the city connection. Many drain lines in Calgary were constructed with cast iron, vitrified clay, and later on some lines were constructed or replaced with pitch fiber (Orangeburg/no corrode). Over time all of these and even modern ABS and CVPC can be subjected to Blockages, damage, sagging, root intrusion, misaligned joints, and offsets cross bores and collapse.

sewer scope  Sewer Images

Sewer Lateral Line

By having the sewer lateral line inspected on the property along with a home inspection ensures that you get a complete assessment of your home’s condition. We have surveyed many homes across the city and helped resolve many issues, some of which the homeowner was not aware of.

We believe this is one of the most important steps of a home inspection as the drainage system can be the most costly to replace.

NASSCO certified

Britannia Home Inspections is NASSCO certified with Pacp Macp and Lacp designations.

We perform sewer inspections right on the day of the home inspection or can return on a separate day to inspect them. We incorporate photos and observations in the home inspection report and provide a CCTV Video of the whole inspection and encourage our clients to be present when the survey is taking place to discuss the inspection.

If any issues are observed we have great industry partners and consultants to deal with them quickly and efficiently.


  • Sewer lateral inspection on the same day as a Britannia home inspection. $150 plus Gst
  • Separate sewer lateral inspection. $175 plus Gst
  • Remove and replace the toilet (including new seal) for access. $30


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