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Humidity Control in Winter

Humidity Control in Winter With a cold snap on it’s way next week keep an eye on your humidity levels in your home. Set your humidistat to 10-15% and gradually increase it when the weather warms up but keep it between 30-50% max. Keep your blinds up a...

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Preparing for a Home Inspection

A guide for sellers by Howard Crick CPI Ok so you’re selling your home and you’ve received an offer that your happy with and accepted it. Fantastic! Now what? That’s it sit back and relax? It’s a done deal right? Not quite you have to endure the HOME...

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Become Your Own Home Inspector 

  Owning a home is one of the great pleasures in life but it does come with strings attached and that’s called MAINTENANCE! Inspecting your home at various times of the year will pay off in $$ and peace of mind and catch any issues before they become...

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